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EarlyBird Morning Cocktail Review

  • By: gregorypeery
  • Date: September 20, 2021
  • Time to read: 6 min.

In this EarlyBird Morning Cocktail Review, we will be covering every aspect of this product. This will include a month case study, unbiased reporting, and lastly sharing if we thought it was worth the dough. We have been curious of Early Bird since 2020, but it is time to dive deeper into the product.

Should I Buy EarlyBird Morning Cocktail?

I have to be honest, after finishing the first supply of Early Bird, I let my subscription expire. I do not want to blame the product, but mainly my lack of following through with a new habit (waking up at 5am). At this time, I was experimenting with many other supplements, like lions mane mushrooms, various nootropics, etc. Due to this, I think that a fresh look at Early Bird is warranted. With the announcement of the Pink Guava flavor sent to me via text, it peaked my interest greatly. Who doesn’t appreciate a good sales pitch? I was offered a great deal for an additional month serving at checkout. If you are asking yourself if you should give it a shot.. Let me explain the exact results to anticipate.

** update, Pink Guava flavor has been sold out, but the only thing different was the taste. All of the active ingredients are consistent with the original product.

Early Bird Review

For this EarlyBird Morning Cocktail Review, I will be giving an unbiased opinion on the new and improved product. I will be updating this post every week, documenting my results.

Like many in life, I have been struggling with early mornings, as I am predominately a night owl. Due to taking on more responsibilities in life with my various business ventures, an early morning routine is a MUST.

Instead of procrastination, staying up late, and producing sloppy work, I am looking for the Earlybird to be the catalyst for this transformation. 

Going into this case study, I think it is worth noting that a product alone will not solve all of your problems. With a proper plan, conscious decision making, and being results oriented, THIS is where the magic happens.

But first, what is inside of this mysterious cocktail?

First and foremost, it should be mentioned that the morning cocktail contains caffeine, so it is not an alternative for those avoiding caffeine. However, they are natural sources of caffeine from green coffee bean extract called PurCaf, and green tea extract.

Electrolytes and Minerals

The EarlyBird concoction contains calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium: these are essential minerals for rehydrating.

Nootropics and Adaptogens

Ashwaganda, L-Theanine, and L-Tyrosine are nootropics that give us balanced energy and focus. The EarlyBird Morning Cocktail also contains tumeric, blueberry powder, broccoli extract, theobromine, and tart cherry extract. These contain antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and are good components of any healthy diet.

Black Pepper (Piperine)

Piperine helps every ingredient to be more bioavailable, meaning that everything is more effective.

Just to name a few..

Okay enough with the specifics, lets move on to receiving the product, and figuring out the best way to consume the concoction.

Week 1 Results

“You don’t have to push yourself to the limit if you have none.”

Matshona Dhliwayo

Okay now time for the nitty gritty. How did EarlyBird play out in the first week?

No bullshit, EarlyBird is morning nectar from the Gods.

Lol, kidding.. sort of. This product really does pack a punch in the morning.

After my first run with Earlybird on day 1, I found that I felt wide awake (at 5am) which is totally unnatural for myself. The hardest part was actually getting out of bed. But I can assure you.. once you down the tasty cocktail, your mind awakens. The best part is that there is not really a crash. Perhaps around early afternoon you may feel a bit drowsy, but I think that is pretty normal for the most part.

I have to say, setting my alarm for 5:00am would usually lead to me hitting snooze until I HAD to be up. This week was different. I looked forward to drinking my pre made cocktail, and it honestly gave me the boost needed to get out of bed. With 3+ extra hours of time, I was able to finish tasks before business hours ensued. The exact feeling of Early Bird is subtle, definitely not a FAST energy uptake, but rather a subtle alertness and natural energy feeling. Even though the effects wear off in 5 ish hours, it is DEFINITELY not comparable to the crash of an energy drink, or other supplements.

I would say the non extreme energy boost is not necessarily a bad thing. It seems like in the past, the most powerful energy boosts led to the most devastating mood crashes. All in all, this product was designed for help getting up early, and I believe it accomplishes that (thus far). After noon, I noticed that I felt like my regular self again. For those looking for an all day energy boost, Early Bird might not be your best bet. We will be reviewing other supplements for this aspect of life. There have been no negative side effects thus far, and Early Bird feels like a modest and clean supplement.

Week 2

Week two has been similar to week 1. I may have developed a slight tolerance for the product, but ultimately it has the same effect. I usually ghost a product unless I really have a use for it, and I can say that I have used EarlyBird every morning since starting. Work life has improved with the extra 3-4 hours, and I have been able to incorporate more ventures into my life that I did not have time for prior. At this point, we are HIGHLY recommending this product, as we have noticed little to no side effects, natural boosts of energy, and overall life improvement.

More on the effects.. How Does EarlyBird Make You Feel?

Immediately after drinking your pre made cocktail (which tastes great by the way) you start to feel the effects. You instantly feel uplifted, and ready to take on the day. For me personally, it jumpstarts my day by motivating me to complete difficult tasks such as appraisal reports, paperwork, and other clerical things (give me a break.. I don’t have an assistant yet). This feeling will last about 4-5 hours, and then I usually have so much momentum going that I do not crash or slow down. If you are a reader of my blog I do want to be honest though.. Your mind is not the only thing EarlyBird stimulates.. I have found that 9/10 times I will find myself in the bathroom performing an EarlyMorning full bowel cleanse- shortly after consuming the product. If you are able to have a bathroom handy in the mornings.. this will not be an issue. But if you are taking this product before an important presentation, meeting, etc.. You will most likely need to bust a move in the near future. Keep this in mind.

EarlyBird is BEST in the wee hours of the morning. I have not tried ingesting this product out of that time frame, mainly because I have not felt the need to. In my opinion, that is a good sign with a product. A lot of products can incite addiction, dependence, etc. With EarlyBird though, this has not been the case. It feels like a natural product that is overall safe and effective.

Week 3

“It’s Lit”


Week 3 has been awesome. I am 30% more productive with my work, and my sleep schedule is at a nice balance. I actually want to go to bed at 10pm, as opposed to being kept up by YouTube and video games every night. Now my body is just like, “nah fam, we going to sleep”. Which I do not provide much resistance to.

It is very strange to me that I have not developed a tolerance for this product. It is more like a supercharged water. Like clockwork every morning, I am jolted into doing tasks and productiveness. I think it is safe at this point to try some EarlyBird for yourself. I will still post updates on this product, but it has definitely passed the test in my book.

I have a special deal for my readers, a discount on EarlyBird with an included shaker. Definitely check it out and let me know how it helps you!

I can assure you that EarlyBird can help you with early morning fog and laziness. Once you take this product, a new world awaits.

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“You should probably

buy EarlyBird”


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